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2022 College World Series

The 2022 College World Series is well underway at this point in June, with it being played at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha Nebraska, where it has been played since 1950. The event is the championship of the NCAA baseball season and features 8 teams in a double elimination format. I have always been wanting to go to it for a long time but have not gotten the opportunity yet. One of these years I will make it out to Omaha for this, as there are many fun aspects of CWS.

This season's College World Series started on Friday June 17th and features the following 8 teams - Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Texas, Stanford, Arkansas, Auburn, and Ole Miss. The tournament is now in the semi-final stage and only Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Oklahoma remain. The winner of Ole Miss vs Arkansas tonight will be the one to face Oklahoma in the championship, which is a best 2 out of 3 series that would be played this weekend.

All of the events surrounding the tournament is what has great appeal to me. First is the pure baseball environment that exists there - all of the players and players (and maybe fans) have devoted a large portion of their lives to baseball and this is the most important culmination of that passion. I love the sport, so being there and feeling that energy would be an awesome experience. Second, there is a surrounding bar and restuarant area that seems like a lot of fun. For example, there is a bar that holds a contest to see which fanbase can have teh most jello shots during the tournament. So far, I think Arkansas fans were leading that contest at last check (maybe not surprising).

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