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Benefits of Becoming a Caddie

Alexander (Alex) Mosnick works as a strategy consultant for Aon, PLC, in Chicago, Illinois. Before he began his career, Alex Mosnick worked as a golf caddie for seven years, earning a full tuition and board college scholarship.

As a teenager, becoming a golf caddie is a good way to earn extra money. In addition to the paycheck and tips, being a caddie offers several other benefits you might not find in other jobs, including:
- Future possibilities. Multiple college scholarships are available for young caddies hoping to further their education. Additionally, being a caddie is an effective way to build relationships with successful people in a wide range of professions. These relationships may lead to future employment opportunities or important introductions.
- Exercise. As a caddie, you will spend your work hours on your feet, walking often, and completing light labor as you maintain the course. All this physical activity helps keep you in shape.
- Learning experiences. If you are interested in golf, becoming a caddie allows you to get paid to learn more about your interest. The more you learn, the more value you can provide to golfers. The knowledge you gain will help you rise through the ranks, and as you take on more responsibility, your pay will increase.

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