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Conveying Confidence When Speaking Through Posture and Movement

Alexander Mosnick

Alexander Mosnick is a respected presence in the Chicago entrepreneurial sphere who consults with clients in a wide range of business management areas. Active with Toastmasters International, Alexander Mosnick has presented on topics related to public speaking skills, including effective communication and use of body language and movement during delivery.

One aspect of body language that is relatively easy to control is posture. The stance should be straight and tall without seeming forced or stiff. Smiling broadly and remaining in an open, engaged position convey a sense of confidence in front of an audience. Another effective way to achieve good posture is to practice a few poses until the body adjusts.
Another way to convey openness is through body movement. Rather than staying in one spot the entire duration of the speech, it is better to alternate between stationary periods by slowly walking across the stage. This allows the speaker to focus on more than one section of the audience. Use hand gestures naturally to amplify key points throughout the presentation.

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