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European Sports Are The Best

As I have been sitting at home working during the last few months of the pandemic, I have been watching a bevy of new sports on TV. These include soccer, tennis, and F1. The more and more I think about it, I am slowly becoming a standard European sports fan as these are some of the more popular sports over there. As an American, though, what's not to like? They are all extremely exciting and on during the day for when I have time to tune in.

I have had an appreciation of soccer for a while now, but that has only grown over the past month. The Euro 2020 tournament has been going on between the qualifying countries of Europe, and it has been very exciting. The matches have been really fun to watch and a couple of them have been absolutely crazy shootouts, which every fan wants to see. The group stage games of Croatia vs Spain and France vs Switzerland really stick in my mind for the entertainment value. The final game yesterday at Wembley Stadium in London was also incredibly exciting, with Italy ultimately beating England in a penalty shootout on England's home turf.

The Wimbledon tennis tournament has been really great to watch as well, both on the men and women's sides. Tennis is such a therapeutic sport for me to watch because of the constant back and forth and quiet announcers, there is just something so relaxing to me. Some of my favorite players to watch in the tournament were Ash Barty, Coco Gauff, Roger Federer, and Denis Shapovalov. Shapovalov, in particular, was exciting to watch as an up and coming star in the sport, and he almost took down world #1 Novak Djokavic (and eventual Wimbledon Champion) in the semi-final.

F1 is a new interest of mine after having watched the Netflix documentary "Drive to Survive" in the recent months. I have only watched one race so far, but was very engaged in all of the results and have a new respect for the sport. More to come on F1 in a subsequent post...

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