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Fantasy Football is a Lot of Fun

As I am an avid sports and NFL fan, it should be no shocker that I love fantasy football, the sport within the sport. I am a part of 3 fantasy leagues and spend a few hours each week analyzing my team, figuring out which players to start and sit, and add from the waiver wire. Ultimately, it is a crapshoot how your players perform in a given week, but fantasy football is a cerebral game - there is such thing as being "good at it". I wanted to talk about two reasons why I really enjoy fantasy football, namely because it is social and it is analytical.

Fantasy football is a game that is built to bring out the competitiveness in a group of friends or coworkers. You are building a team and competing against 8-12 other people, not a computer, and it's a great mix of technology and socialization. It is a great way to stay in touch with college or childhood friends, and just have a good time and reminisce and talk trash. Some people even get the whole group together in a destnation and do a live draft over a long weekend. I've never done yet but would like to, it sounds like a ton of fun. Fantasy is also a great opportunity to root for players who are not on your favorite team, so it can keep you engaged in the sport as a whole.

Fantasy sports is also a highly analytical endeavor, and it is tough to be good at, particularly in a league where everyone pays attention. First, there is the draft strategy - you have to make a list of players you think have value and want to target, and figure out whether you reach for them in early rounds or take the chances of rolling the dice and waiting until later, risking that another team will scoop the player up before you. Then, there is the week-to-week aspect, which is made up of a few strategies - which players to start versus sit, which players to pick up from the waiver wire, and which players to try and trade for. For example, when figuring out which wide receiver to start, sometimes I would rather look at how many targets he got last week, rather than yards or touchdowns. Yards / touchdowns may be the traditional statistic in this regard and may be the perferred metric to go by for some, but I believe number of targets is often a better indicator of how in favor the player is with a quarterback - and can be a better predictor of future success. This is just one example of the many things that run through my head when I am looking at my fantasy team during a given week.

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