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Fully Legalized Sports Gambling is Inevitable

During the election a few weeks ago in early November, sports gambling was on the ballot in 3 states: Louisiana, South Dakota, and Maryland. It was a clean sweep in all 3 states, with each either voting to legalize sports gambling or pass affirmative measures to move to the next step in legalizing. That now makes in 22 states in which sports gambling is fully legal. Sports gambling has gone the same way that cannabis has in the last decade - something that many adult Americans participate in, and something that doesn't make much sense to have in the dark any longer. The full legalization of both of these activities is inevitable in the US.

Regarding sports gambling, this was a multi billion dollar black market annually, which should surprise absolutely nobody. Everyone knows someone who had a "bookie" for sports gambling, or was a bookie themselves, and millions of Americans made regular sports bets. When the internet age started, there were multitudes of foreign or illegal sportsbooks marketing their services in the US. Well, these still are heavily used today as most of the US still doesn't have legalized sports gambling. Now, there are legal sports book popping up everywhere where sports betting is legal. Here in Illinois, there are brands such as DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill, PointsBet, and Rivers competing for consumers' attentions. The nice part is that they all have free money promotions upon first deposit, so if you lose your money at one you can go deposit and get free money at them all!

The risks involved with legalized sports betting are low, in my opinion. There is the threat of amateur athletes getting paid to fix a result, sure, but incidents of this are few and far between and could have existed just as much when everything was illegal than it is with the activity now legal. For professional athletes, there is almost no risk of this happening - they are paid far too much for the risk for them to participant in such a scheme to be worth it. The biggest benefit to legalized sports gambling is the ability for governments to tax the revenue generated from it, which they were simply missing out on before. Now, state governments can rake in tens of millions of dollars in additional tax revenues each year, from both sportsbook operators / casinos and fortunate gamblers alike.  

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