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Golf: My Favorite Sport to Play

Golf has always been a game that I've been around since I was a little kid. From taking golf lessons and playing with my dad and childhood friends, to becoming a golf caddie as a summer job in high school, golf has been a large part of my life since I was 8, and my love for playing the game has never been stronger. Here's why.

First, golf is great exercise. I am one who prefers to walk and carry my own bag during the round, so it is always great for walking multiple miles and getting a sweat on. You feel like you earned it physically after the round. Even while taking a cart, there is still lots of walking involved.

Second, golf gets the competitive juices flowing, and you do not have to even play with anyone in order to be competitive. Golf is the ultimate mental test against your own mind, and a successful 4-5 round involves multiple battles with your own mind to stay focused on the next shot on hand. Golf is, of course, even more fun when playing against friends though.

Third, golf is challenging yet the challenge is fun. It is very difficult to put together a great round of golf filled with consistent swings and successful scrambling around the greens. For those who aren't professionals, it is those fleeting holes where you can get a par or birdie that are wildly fun and keep you coming back for more, ready to take on the challenge of finally putting together that great round of golf.

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