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How Will The MLB End Up Determining Playoff Standings?

As I sit here and write this on August 14th, the St Louis Cardinals have not played a baseball game since July 28th due to the coronavirus spreading through their team. They have played 5 games total while other teams have played 20 or more. Yet, because of their record of 2-3 and not having more than 3 losses, they sit in second place behind the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central division.

If the Cardinals were to win a majority of their remaining games and technically come in first place due their winning percentage, how would this be handled by Major League Baseball? What if they only end up playing 30 of the 60 games, or 45? What is the threshold that would allow them to make the playoffs in this very interesting year? Also, what was the point of having an alternative "taxi squad" of available players to substitute in when coronavirus spread among a team, if the taxi squad is not even going to be used?

I am imagining this playoff scenario happening (it's 2020, so of course it would happen), and it is crazy to think that it will come down to a subjective panel of officials making that decision. What an unprecedented year in sports and in general - seemingly everything in 2020 is happening on the fly and in a wait and see approach.  

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