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NFL Wild Card Weekend Predictions

It's the secodn weekend in January, and not only is it Wild Card weekend in the NFL, it's "Super" Wild Card weekend - dubbed that this year because there is only 1 team that gets a bye and an additional 7th playoff team in each league, which means that there are 6 games this weekend. Here are my predictions on who will win each game, in chronological order.

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills (Sat 1205 pm) - there is a lot of wins and firepower between these two teams coming into the game, so one would expect a close, competitive matchup. The Bills, however, are particularly red hot coming into the game, having won 6 straight. QB Josh Allen is having an MVP like season, and seems unstoppable right now. For these reasons, I think the Bills will come out on top in this one and win their first playoff game in 25 years.

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks (Sat 330 pm) - This will be the third matchup this season between these two division rivals, and they know each other well. That said, The Rams' starting quarterback is out with injury, and the Rams will be on the road in seattle for this one. Russ Wilson for the Seahawks always plays out of his mind in the playoffs no matter what the expetations are coming in, so for that raeson alone I like the Seahawks in this one.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team (Sat 715 pm) - The Football Team somehow is a palyoff team after winning their division with a pedestrian 7-9 record, while the Bucs are a full 4 games better with a 11-5 record. With those facts only, one would assume the Bucs would be a clear winner. I personally think that the Washington defense, which has been great, will keep this one fairly close. However, I don't trust their offense and think that they will struggle to score. Give me the Bucs, in a game that is closer than people think it will be.

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans (Sun 1205 pm) - This is a great matchup of the divisional round game last year, when the Titans came into Baltimore and dominated the Ravens. The Ravens are playing really well right now and are going to come out angry and aggressive in this one. The Titans are a tough team and can run the ball and control the clock with Derrick Henry, so I'm foreseeing a good back and forth game. However, I believe the Ravens will have a chip on their shoulder to come out on top here, in a very close game that will come down to the last few minutes.

Chicago Bears at New Orlean Saints (Sun 330 pm) - Frankly, the Bears don't deserve to be in the playoffs after scraping in with an 8-8 record. Regardless, they are there but have to face a Saints team that has been playing great and usually hard to beat at their own field. I don't think this one will be particularly close and that the Saints will roll to a blowout, but who knows.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (Sun 715 pm) - In the last game of the first round of the playoffs, this is yet another divisional matchup where the teams are facing off for the third time this season. I would say I like the way the Browns are playing, but they happen to be missing their coach due to COVID, who may win coach of the year this year. He's that important to the team that he's worth mentioning here. The Steelers are highly experienced and playing at home, so I will go with them winning pretty easily.

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