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Royal Calcutta Golf Club - The Oldest Course outside the British Isles

Alexander Mosnick

Chicago-based Alexander Mosnick serves as a strategy consultant in the insurance industry and possesses experience in areas such as data analysis, teamwork, and strategy development. Having received a prestigious full college scholarship as golf caddie, Alexander Mosnick enjoys playing golf in his free time and traveling to destinations spanning the globe.

Golf is a sport that offers enthusiasts the unique opportunity to learn about history and culture as they travel, as historic courses span the arc of the British colonial empire. Among the oldest links outside the UK, the Royal Calcutta Golf Club was established in 1829, a half century before the Royal Hong Kong.

Initially situated near what is now the Calcutta International Airport, the Royal Calcutta moved to its current Tollygunge location in 1910. Opening its doors to women in 1886, the course received the “Royal” part of its name in 1911 upon the visit of Queen Mary and King George V.
The Royal Calcutta is known for its undulating topography, reflecting the rice paddies on which it was originally built. With greens larger than those built to modern standards, the course features extensive water hazards and water tanks. Each year the par 72 course hosts events such as the Indian Open, which brings together many of South Asia’s top golfers.

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