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Selecting the Right Club for the Shot

Alexander Mosnick

A strategy consultant with Aon Inpoint Consulting, Alexander Mosnick loves sports, particularly golf. Golfers like Alexander Mosnick have to cultivate a wide range of abilities in order to succeed on the course.

One skill essential to golf, once one has mastered the art of determining yardage between targets, is effective club selection. The best club for the shot depends on distance from the green, or, if the green cannot be reached, from the ideal part of the course to take the next shot.

The easiest way to cultivate a sense of what club works best for a given situation is to go to the driving range. The markers at the range make it easy to tell about how far each club launches the ball. After a few solid, straight shots, a golfer can take the average of his or her drives and consider that a reliable metric for that club. The golfer should do this for every club in the bag and repeat the process when they notice improvements in their swing, since even small improvements can lead to significant distance increases.

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