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The Best Week of the Year - Masters Week

This week is definitely my favorite week of the year (this year it happens to be in November) - because it's the week of the Masters Golf tournament. The Masters is usually played in April and you get the anticipation of spring weather as the main excitement, but it was delayed this year due to COVID. Ever since I was a kid, I've been infatuated with the Masters and watched every single second of the tournament every year. Watching players like Tiger Woods win after his imfamous chip-in on 16 in 2004 grew my love of the game of golf and I became a fan for life. After getting into the Masters so much, I started playing golf at every opportunity that I could, and played golf video games on my PS2 as much as possible. There are so many things about the Masters tournament that got me so excited about golf, but here's just a couple.

One reason is the golf course itself, which is beautiful. The grass on the course is the greenest I've ever seen, the flowers are so bright, and the pine trees and woods are such a nice contrast to the green course. It looks incredible, and it is my dream to get there one of these years. Plus during the tournament, the food and beer is still priced like it was 30 years ago, and you can get a full meal for under $5. Sure it costs thousands of dollars to get down there unless you win the ticket lottery or know someone, but $3 sandwiches and beers are always nice.

A second reason the Masters is the greatest is because of the deep history and tradition. Played since 1934, some of golf's greatest moments have occurred here, such as the aforementioned chip shot of Tiger Woods. Everywhere on the property you can find a spot where an important golf shot happened, and the game's greats have walked. The Masters is the only major tournament that is played at the same course every year. Also, I love their tradition of inviting back past champions to play in the tournament every year, regardless of age. If you are a Masters champion, you can always play in the tournament. Truly, the Masters is "a tradition unlike any other" (an awesome tag line)!

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