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The Toastmasters International Speechcraft Program

Alexander Mosnick

After joining Aon Inpoint Consulting in Chicago, Illinois, as an associate strategy consultant in 2014, Alexander "Alex" Mosnick became a broker with the company, focusing on identifying client solutions in fields, such as intellectual property and business development. Alongside his professional endeavors, Alex Mosnick practices his public speaking skills as a member of Toastmasters International.

A global nonprofit organization, Toastmasters International provides educational training in leadership and public speaking through its regional clubs. Members come together to serve in leadership roles, give speeches, and provide constructive criticism to help each other better their public speaking abilities.

Those with extensive experience in Toastmasters International may also elect to share their knowledge with nonmembers through the Speechcraft Program. Presentation options through this program include hosting the program as part of the club's regular meetings or as a series of separate seminars.
Members who are interested in offering the Speechcraft Program can obtain the starter kit from Toastmasters International. The kit includes guides for the coordinator, workbooks, certificates, a brochure titled "An Opportunity To Succeed," and other supplementary resources.

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