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Consumers Choose Experiences over Tourism in 2024 Travel

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As the year begins, travelers are creating trends that will define the travel and hospitality industry in 2024. Among the many trends, choosing experiences over tourism continues to be a part of the travel landscape.

In 2023, people began traveling to have a closer connection to the places they visited by getting to know the residents and learning the local history of the places they visited. More than visiting landmarks, travelers want to know the history of the landmark or place that might not be found in guidebooks.

In 2024, travelers are delving into all sorts of trips, such as culinary tours, which involve visiting local markets, cooking classes using traditional ingredients, and a dining experience. Wildlife safari tours are other experiences travelers prefer to have in 2024, travel that takes them to different natural reserves and national parks to learn more about exotic animals. Other examples include vineyard tours to wine-producing regions such as Napa Valley, Bordeaux, and Tuscany and historical/heritage tours to the Acropolis (Greece), Giza pyramids (Egypt), and the Colosseum (Rome). People are also taking advantage of festival and cultural event tours, such as Oktoberfest (Germany), Holi (India), and Carnival (Brazil).

Finally, volunteer tourism gives travelers the ultimate experience that benefits them in two ways. On the one hand, they get to visit a new place. On the other, they contribute to the positive impact of the locals by volunteering, whether it involves wildlife conservation, construction projects (building homes), or teaching.