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Tips for Realizing Goals from Toastmasters International

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Many people struggle to achieve their goals. Individuals give up along the way or never act on them. Toastmasters International, a nonprofit focused on helping people become better presenters, shares these tips for setting achievable goals and sticking to them.

Before setting new goals, people should reflect on what they achieved in the past 12 months that made them proud. Starting from the point of achievement creates positive expectations that the individuals can reach their goals.

For the actual goal setting. Toastmasters International recommends setting specific, measurable, and realistic goals. For example, rather than losing weight, a person can set the goal of losing 20 lbs by a specific date. They can then plan, setting aside specific times to exercise and work on their goals.

Once the goals are in place and a plan to realize them exists, people should commit to the process. This will require sacrificing distractions and changing schedules to accommodate goal-related activities. People should start small, setting aside 30 minutes daily to work on their goals and then build momentum. Sharing goals with friends and family will keep people accountable, and celebrating successes will motivate them.