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Sports are Fully Back!

With the concerns over Covid and there not being major sports in the US for nearly 4 months, it is wonderful that I get to sit here on a Monday night watching a meaningful baseball game (I'm watching the Royals play the Cubs, two of my favorite teams).

Not only do I get to choose from baseball, but NHL hockey and NBA basketball are both back in full swing. Those 2 sports have been fun to watch in their return this past week, and the games are super competitive as the teams are fighting for playoff spots. Golf is hitting its stride in terms of excitement with the PGA Champioship coming up this week, and it's only a month until the NFL season gets underway. As long as the players are staying safe and quarantining and not ruining the seasons, we should be in for a great next few months.

The most interesting part about the whole situation is how normal it has felt for me watching the games without any fans being played. Sports are obviously more fun and exciting with fans in the stands, but it hasn't felt like a big deal. Admittedly I am a big sports fan and probably starved for action, but I believe a lot of other fans don't mind too much either and are just enjoying having their favorite sports back in action. 

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